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Log-Tiny (0.01) ****

A very simplistic logger.
I do not think it is correct to criticize a module in the namespace *::Tiny for the lack of complexity or versatality as some of us seem to have done.

I had no problems using this and would recommend this to any one who want to add a simple logging to their applications.

Log-Tiny (0.9b) **

To quote Log::Tiny's documentation:

"This module aims to be a light-weight implementation *similiar* to Log::Log4perl for logging data to a file."

It logs data to a file, through an OO interface.

As it is 'Tiny', it supports little of Log::Log4perl's complexity and suffers limited versatility as a consequence. No L4P-style ':easy' mode, so no saying "DEBUG" or "INFO." It does not appear to be possible to restrict output to a specific "category" of logging events, nor to a specific portion of an application. Logging to STDERR or STDOUT does not seem possible (though the author tells me it may be introduced in a later version).

To be fair, if you need a very simple (and tiny) file logger, this module may be of interest.