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Log-Any (1.032)


Log-Any (0.15) *****

I have needed this module in every programming language I have ever used for every program I have ever written.

I have started to contribute features to it several times, but gave up because the existing API really is at exactly the right level of performance vs. complexity, and none of my ideas were a net improvement. All my innovation can fit easily enough on the Adapter side.

Log-Any (0.14) *****

Love love love love love this module. Makes it so easy to add unobtrusive logging to your module.

Log-Any (0.14) *****

Great idea, great module.

Don't make your modules depend on some particular logger (as Log::Log4perl). Instead, use Log::Any and let your module users decide which one they want.

I would like to see this module be made part of the Perl core distribution.