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Locale-Currency-Format (1.28) *****

An excellent module! Simple and yet flexible interface to use. At our business function, we have to be able to serve our international customers in different currency formats based on their geographical locations. The module fills out this requirement very nicely for on the server side.

The previous comment assumed that numerical formatting took place on the local machines and so locale settings would prevail. However, our Asian customers are served from servers in San Francisco and European customers from those in New York, which can display proper currency formats based on their account settings. This module does this job splendidly! Nice work!

Locale-Currency-Format (1.28) **

This module is doing it wrong!

First of all: I didn't use this module myself, I'm just rating it from what is told in the documentation.

Jess Robinson has reported this before, and the author added a formatting option then (currency_set), but number formatting is *in no way* related to currency. Instead it is only the (user's) locale setting, that defines formatting, so the bug is still unresolved.

I would really like to use this module myself, but the way it works makes it virtually useless for me. What's even worse, a couple of other packages use this package and inherit its kaputtness.

Locale-Currency-Format (1.22) *****

This module has saved me more than a few headaches for formatting prices for a shopping cart system.