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Jemplate (0.30)

Good module, great idea, but it is looking a little unloved amongst the author's other modules, and the website, which claims that it is generated by Jemplete, seems not to be (I viewed source for the page), and is also broken (none of the links except home work).

Jemplate (0.30) ***

Don't use this module unless you want to experience major maintenance costs down the road.

Edit - was a bit harsh in my initial review. Not bad, but it can be rough if you forget how it works, then have to relearn it. If you use this module, use it wholeheartedly, don't just implement part of your app in it.

Jemplate (0.22) *****

This module saves so much time if you are doing a mixture of perl and javascript development. Only develop your templates once and then you can re-use them for Ajax-y type page updates.

Jemplate (0.18) *****

This simply rocks! I get the ease of HTML development with TT, and the ability to use it within my JS objects. How does it get any better?