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JavaScript-V8 (0.06) *****

Thank you for this module!

I initially found it hard to install the required libv8 (no rpms for centos, brew on osx didn't work), and the 0.06 release would not compile on perl 5.8.8.

Got the latest code from github and all was fine and dandy - there seems to be quite a bit of work going on at the moment fixing compilation problems.

The docs are slightly misleading - binding a scalar hashref or string/number doesn't work, however binding anonymous subs works fine, as does returning structured data from the js context.

The headline, however is that it was 10x faster than Javascript::SpiderMonkey at the task in hand (loading jsv.js, registering ~80 json schemas from individual files and then running json schema validation), taking ~2s rather than ~20. Once the context was up and running, subsequent calls into it were lightning fast ( as little as 0.006s to run a validation vs a non-trivial schema )