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JIRA-Client (0.40) ****

This is a great perl module and was very helpful!

I'd like to recommend something, though. I had a need to DELETE Jira issues using this. I added the following to the Client.pm and now I am able to delete using "delete_issue"

sub delete_issue

my ($self, $issue, $params) = @_;

my $key;

if (is_instance($issue => 'RemoteIssue')) {

$key = $issue->{key};

} else {

$key = $issue;

$issue = $self->getIssue($key);


my ($project) = ($key =~ /^([^-]+)/);

$params = $self->_convert_params($params, $project);


return $self->deleteIssue($key);


JIRA-Client (0.27) *****

I am very excited to find this module, I have been doing all my Jira scripting directly via SOAP::Lite. I have thought several times to setup a module to make my life easier, but never had the time. I will definitely start using this.

Good Work Man.

JIRA-Client (0.23) *****

I've been using JIRA::Client since around v0.11 and it's been a great help in many areas of JIRA, especially in migrating from a proprietary bug tracker to JIRA where I've had to script quite a lot of things.

Early on, the module had some pretty big functionality holes, but they've been consistently plugged by the author, usually going beyond my feature requests and suggestions.

From an interface point of view, I rather like the AUTOLOAD approach and the implementation has pretty much done the right thing and the helper methods are a great addition. From a tidy-up point of view, some accessor methods for the various object types returned from the server would be nice rather than using the hash refs, but that's just sugar.

The documentation is getting a lot better, but I've also struggled from time-to-time with some of the unfamiliar interfaces to JIRA's SOAP client. Generally though, I've managed to guess the right thing, often helped by the module's design, and the author has provided abstractions when I have suggested them.

JIRA-Client (0.22) ****

Thanks man. This saved my skin!

VERY handy module. Even was able to use it as an example of how to interface with another RPC client we created in house for our JIRA servers and it even serves as a working example of how to interface with other non-JIRA WSDL web services.

Again thanks!

I only have 2 complaints:

(1) There is really little documentation for how to actually use this module to invoke other methods specified in the WSDL definition for the services that don't have wrappers already in the module. It took me a while to figure out how to do this. (Of course this could be my own ignorance over how to use SOAP, WSDL, web services, etc.)

(2) There is little that really gave us any understanding of how the returned data was packaged. We hunted and pecked until we reverse-engineered the data structures or we found the correct data structure definitions in the Java API documentation. It would have been VERY handy to have a document explaining the packaging philosophy/technique for the returned data structures.

JIRA-Client (0.14) ****

Thanks, this module was just what I needed.

I got my jira query script going in much less time than it took to get my jira admin to enable remote API queries. It has a simple, clean interface, I love not having to track my own "token". Props to SOAP::Lite for making JIRA::Client so simple.

I'm not a big fan of AUTOLOAD in general, but it seems like a good plan for passing to a remote API like this.

I'd like to see a demo or documentation. So I wrote a quick demo program, blogged about it and put it up on github. The post: www.lowlevelmanager.com/2009/09/acces...