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Image-Resize (0.5) *****

Does exactly what I was looking for - extremely simple way to resize images using a high-quality resize algorithm that keeps the aspect ratio intact.

I'd like to note that the other review from Michael R. Davis is not helpful or accurate, because clearly he required a plugin that changed the canvas size. Image::Resize shouldn't be rated poorly for something it wasn't designed to do in the first place. It doesn't make coffee, either.

Image-Resize (0.5) ***

I needed all of my images to be 150x150 and not stretched just centered and white padded. So, this package did not work for me.

$image->resize(150, 150, 0); #Stretched
$image->resize(150, 150); #is not 150x150 but is either 150x??? or ???x150 keeping original ratio.