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Image-Info (1.31) *****

Useful module for most types of basic image info (not metadata), even down to iterations in a GIF animation.

4/5 for GIF documentation: no mention is made of how to compute the duration of a GIF, though the source code suggests this is possible: call image_info in array context, to recieve an array of (partial) image_info hashes, sum the Delay key of each, and multiply by the GIF_Loop key in the array's first entry - and rewrite that code on every project.

3/5 for the ancient interface: would be nice to see an OO API, even if tacked on top.

Image-Info (1.23) ****

This has worked very well at finding out basic information about several file types. The documentation has a few odd bugs that need to be fixed. Also, returning errors as an "error" key is not the way I prefer to handle errors (exceptions should generally be handled as exceptions, i.e., die/croak), but it is still a pretty nice little module.

Image-Info (1.20) *****

Wow! How helpful it was to discover that this existed, when I needed to apply pixel height and width data to thousands of images referenced in an XML file! It handles lots of data formats, including the three I needed. It was very simple to use.

Image-Info (1.15) ****

Had some issues with actually finding out how much extra stuff Image::Info was capable of. I was also horribly misled by Image::EXIF which is a horrible package and should be removed.

After working out how to use it, (which required reading the changelog and the source) to get exif info, it's working great, and far far far better than my hacky attempts to do the same thing.

With some documentation updates, this would be a fantastic package.

Image-Info (1.15) *****

Great module. Makes it easy to get hold off the digital camera image info.

Image-Info (1.15) *****

This is a great module. I needed something that could give me an image's width and height for a variety of different formats. This module makes it easy and as a bonus doesn't rely on any external libraries!

I gave a 4 for interface because the module isn't object-oriented and returns all image metadata in a hashref.