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Image-Imlib2 (2.03) *****

We've been using this module for over a year now, and it is happily resizing thousands of images every day. We switched to it from some nasty old code that shelled out to ImageMagick. Whilst ImageMagick is great, shelling out to it is not. There are Perl interfaces to ImageMagick, but I still found it awkward to install and the interface was a bit clumsy.

Image::Imlib2 solves those problems: it's simple to install on a Linux box, it's small and it's fast, and it has a reasonably sane interface. Thanks!

Image-Imlib2 (2.03) *

simply wont install, I followed the instructions and downloaded many times from the web site suggested for the library, infact the "imlib2-config" doesnt even exist, so you just end up banging your head against the wall. Don't waste your time with this rubbish

Image-Imlib2 (2.03) *****

Image::Imlib2 is my new way of creating thumbnails. I found Image::Imlib2 thanks to this link, which I post because his good example for creating thumbnails:

Before, I used Image::Resize which gave me some headache once in a while, because GD refused to install. However Image::Imlib2 also depends on system libraries. On Ubuntu (and probably also Debian, I have not tested it) you need to install "libimlib2-dev". Since this seems not to be a problem in the future and the interface is great I can recommend the module - it is at least worth a try. (I'm not expert enough to give a full go anyways ;-) )