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IPC-Run (0.92) *****

The core Perl documentation for IPC::Open3 mentions this module as a better alternative to IPC, specifically with the inherent deadlock issues that prevent reliable use of IPC::Open3. This module is a gem when you need IPC in production applications where potential lockups would otherwise be a very serious problem. I'm so glad we have this alternative to IPC::Open3. IPC::Run works very easily just following the examples right out of the synopsis in its documentation.

IPC-Run (0.92) *****

I was looking for a module that could get the output of a particular command. In my case, I needed the error output. For a quick and easy replacement to system() or using qx() the command:

run \@args, \$in, \$out, \$err or die "Cannot run command because of: $?";

Works wonderfully. Afterwards, you can dig the rest of the documentation to get more control on command output and processes.

IPC-Run (0.90) ****

Very powerful module, once you go through the documentation and understand how it works.

IPC-Run (0.89) *****

Worth having a look at if you are using Open3, system or qx.

The module documentation is excellent. Maybe one of the best documented module on CPAN. I am jealous.

Timers, redirection and filters make controlling an external process straightforward.

IPC-Run (0.82) *****

Best way to interactively read and write to background processes.

IPC-Run (0.80) **

In words of the author of IPC::Run
> I would personally recommend IPC::Cmd rather than IPC::Run right now.
> It seems more stable and well-supported.

> It's not obsolete -- still works for many people, even with test
> failures -- but IPC::Cmd seems to be more actively maintained.

My review:
It works well and is easy to use but I do not like its interface.