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Hash-Identity (0.01)

At first I thought, hey, cute trick. But then Perl already has:

print "You could use expr like this: ${\(2**3)}.\n";

print "Or you could use ident ${\( 'a' . 'b' )} as well.\n";

So you're trading a backslash and a couple of parentheses against having to depend on a non-core module and making your code reader raise her eyebrow when she first sees your code. Pick your poison :-)

I wonder if this belongs in Acme::

On the other hand and slightly off-topic, a module that can do Perl6-style interpolation (lexically) would be cool, I think:

$s = "perl${\(6-1)}-style interpolation";

use v6str;

$s = "perl{ 5+1 }-style interpolation";