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HTTP-Recorder (0.05)

No comment about this specific distribution, but about specific reviews:

* Usage advice, tips and tricks, etc. belong in or

* Bug reports belong in

If there are quirks that make it hard to use, or bugs, then they are certainly worth mentioning in the review. But the gorey details belong in appropriate forums, not reviews.

--Rob (at the risk of having this review marked useless)

HTTP-Recorder (0.03_01) *****

This module has so much promise - there is nothing else like it for perl at the moment. It's still a little rough for now, but is already such a time saver (looking forward to the improving https support).

BTW, the article is at

HTTP-Recorder (0.02) **

Read the article on about it and tried to configure.
Installed well on both Linux and Windows machines, but not make it work on either one. This module definitely need a more clear documentation.

HTTP-Recorder (0.02) ****

This is SO cleaver - it will definatly make me write more of this sort of test - and more tests are always good!

We are also using it to write tests for our monitoring system.

As the docs say it doesn't do JavaScript yet - which is why I rated it 4 not 5.
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