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HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath (0.14) *****

Thanks for this, I'm coding many web-scrapers for years, and HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath is quite easier & quicker to write code than HTML-TreeBuilder alone.

HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath (0.09) **

I was kind of disappointed because I thought this module would help eliminate some of the cruft and needless looping and checking for defined parent elements that the traditional HTML::TreeBuilder requires. It does not. It is fairly limited in its ability to just wrap a ->look_down call. You'll still have to map over lists returned and call $_->getValue() . I don't _think_ XPath differentiates between finding a node and finding a value, this module does, and that hurts usability.

This in my eyes should return a list of src attributes for all img elements that have class="mainPhoto"
$root->findvalue( '//img[@class="mainPhoto"]/@src' );

Instead you're left to do:
map $_->getValue('src')

, $root->findnodes( '//img[@class="mainVehiclePhoto"]/@src' )

HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath (0.08) *****

Cool module. HTML data extraction is developed more faster, easy and with pleasure :)

HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath (0.06) *****

This module is really useful to extract content using XPath, even from not-well-formed HTML. Nice combination of technologies: HTML::TreeBuilder and XML::XPathEngine.