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HTML-CalendarMonthSimple (1.25) ***

I was given the task of creating a simple calendar app on our Intranet to allow people to enter information. The interface is quite simple: a checkbox for each working day, and the user checks as few or as many as needed.

My first step was to search for "calendar" "html" on CPAN. I found two modules that appeared worthy of closer investigation: HTML::CalendarMonth and HTML::CalendarMonthSimple.

Given that my needs were, in my opinion, simple, I first looked at HTML::CalendarMonthSimple. The first thing I saw was a list of methods that continued beyond the bottom of the screen window. I thought "Yeoww! And this is the simple module!" and wondered what the other module must look like.

So I had a look at HTML::CalendarMonth, and straight away I saw a snippet that looked easy enough for me to understand. So I decided to use HTML::CalendarMonth instead. And so far I have had no reason to regret my choice.

I believe that HTML::CalendarMonthSimple is the canonical example of a simple module that has become decidely unsimple. If you're looking for an HTML calendar generator, HTML::CalendarMonthSimple is not, and HTML::CalendarMonth is. That is not to say that this module is not worth using, but first impressions count, life is short, and HTML::CalendarMonth is Good Enough For Me.

HTML-CalendarMonthSimple (1.25) *****

I found this module the simplest and most flexible to use in a calendar app I needed to put together. One great addition to this would be to provide the ability to issue IDs to the calendar table and cells by day, date, etc. This would provide the user with the ability to manipulate the content using Javascript DOM.