Gtk2 reviews

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Gtk2 (1.140) *****

Absolutely excellent bindings for the best GUI toolkit out there. Easy things are usually easy, and hard things are possible and occasionally even easy. The bindings are completely perlish, and the underlying class library is cleanly designed. Unlike Tk apps, Gtk2 apps will not offend your eyes – neither when running them nor when looking at the source.

If you’re writing GUI apps in Perl, this is what you should use.

Gtk2 (1.042) *****

Gtk2 is really a perl yedi's lazer sword. I was so amazed by its speed/elegance and versatility. The documentation and development is done by a dedicated group of hackers. Gtk2 has become surely *the* major gui toolkit, soon superceeding Tk by far.

I plan to use it in some serious academia projects. In the past i often heard complains about Tk (and was always ashamed of its uglyness/slowness/win32-gui-alienness). It was hard to sell it to my boss's and collegues.

Pitty: I got only a not-very-recent version installed with the aid of on my activatestate win32 machine. It also did not install via CPAN shell on my recent cygwin enviroment (failed some to install some auto-dependencies).

With Gtk2 i feel like getting serious with perl and guis (on win32 and linux).