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Google-Search (0.028) ****

Easy to use, but v0.028 (from 2012) has not been upgraded for two years, and Google changes APIs slightly every so often. So now, in Feb 2014, this module is beginning to show its age.

The Web Search Code-sample still works, but the Suggest/Autocomplete codesample from the perldoc-documentation returns an empty response from Google.

Google-Search (0.023) *****

Up and running searches in 15 minutes, very easy to use.

Google-Search (0.023) *****

Its good work mate .. Documentation is good enough to use it Once you see the Google API code you will get the things for sure

Google-Search (0.023) *****

I needed to pull up search results via the command line. There are a lot of distros on cpan about getting google search results. I tried a few and they were frustrating, to be giggly about it.
This module in turn- works wonderfully.
If you're looking for code to get google search results, I encourage you to try out Google::Search.