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Gnome2-GConf (1.044) **

Honestly I simply cannot get this to do anything useful except for setting and reading simple values. The entire schema setting seems to be broken completely and has little effect on the GConf saving mechanism.

As with the above poster the documentation is so poor here its difficult to see whats going on. Even the example given on the main page throws and error when simply copy/pasted into a blank file!

Gnome2-GConf (1.044) **

I'd like to write a script that can query the subkeys of a given key, and use that information to pass some options to the relevant program.

For the life of my can't figure out how, or even if it's possible with this module (or the GConf libraries that it uses...), because it's so poorly documented. So a neutral '3' stars.

But -1 star, for the lack of tests.

Edit: I've since figured out how to query subkeys, but it involved reading the Gnome library documentation to find that there is the oddly named "get_all_dirs" function to do this, and then reading the source code of one of the XS files in this distribution to find out that it indeed has an undocumented "get_dirs" function that does what I needed.