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Gimp (2.31)

I'm happy to find this being maintained again because I really don't want to learn python just to customize Gimp. However, it was difficult to install because the prerequisites are not given (that I could find) in the POD, and the README from the tarball does not give a complete list. YMMV, but this is what I did before it would install on Linux Mint 17.1:
Verify Gimp 2.8 and Perl 5.14 or higher.
Install libgimp2.0-dev (it wasn't installed with Gimp).
Install the following modules from cpan:
Once I figured out all of the prerequisites, this module installed without a problem. Hopefully this info will save someone else a few painful hours.

Gimp (2.3) *****

This is just an attempt to "clear the board" in the rating system - the previous "review" is of an old version, consisting of an attack (justified or not, no comment) on a previous maintainer of this module.
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