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Geo-ShapeFile (2.60) *****

This is a very good module. One thing that threw me a bit is that "shape records" and "parts" use 1-based indexes. I assume there is a good (historical, maybe?) reason for this, but you must beware of this. Another thing that might be helpful if you're looking to use this is that you can query the *.dbf files that come with shape dumps using the XBase module. These are just observations from first time use - I happily recommend this module.

Geo-ShapeFile (2.52) *****

Just what I needed! Thanks! Got a bunch of files from a client and could extract the points and data in one easy interface.

use Geo::ShapeFile;
use Data::Dumper qw{Dumper};

my $obj = new Geo::ShapeFile($file);

for my $index (1 .. $obj->shapes) {

my $shape = $obj->get_shp_record($index);

next unless $shape->shape_type == 1; #point

my $data = $obj->get_dbf_record($index);

my ($point)=$shape->points;

print join("\t", $index, $point->X, $point->Y), "\n";

print Dumper([$data]);

I would have given documentation a higher rating but I think the package needs a few more example scripts.

Geo-ShapeFile (2.52) *****

The module is flawless, and a great way to quickly turn GIS into KML/PNGs with Perl (although for larger maps, I have found all Perl-based solutions too slow, and had to resort to ogr2ogr, PostGIS, or Clipper).

Geo-ShapeFile (2.52) *****

Not only does Geo::ShapeFile give you an easy and streamlined way to access data in ShapeFiles, it provides several useful utility methods as well! I've successfully incorporated this module into a couple of large-scale projects without a hitch.

Sincere thanks go to the author for putting out this wonderful module.