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Geo-Google-PolylineEncoder (0.05) *****

Very good job!

Geo-Google-PolylineEncoder (0.05)

In response to Lee Goddard's request, you can now pass points as arrayrefs. Remember not to mix up your lon/lats! ;-)

Geo-Google-PolylineEncoder (0.05) *****

A most welcome module for Google Map's encoded GPolyline objects. Clear interface and docs, but annoyingly, seems to require a hash as input: whilst this does avoid confusing latitude and longitude (which are sometimes in reversed order, in the world of Google Maps), it does often require re-coding data, with the consequential speed penalty.
As with most geo operations in pure Perl, it could be faster if written in C/XS, so whilst this module may be suitable for prototyping and toy scripts, it has proven much too slow for mapping applications on large datasets such as those on BBC Earth.