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Games-Sudoku (0.06) ****

This module is in its infancy. Yet, I got it installed and running productively within minutes: always a good sign. It's a simple but effective tool for analyzing and solving sudoku puzzles.

The documentation is sparse, and it takes a bit of hunting around in module directories to realize that the solver can be run from the command line via:

perl -file puzzle.dat -debug -pause

The debug information is crisp but suprisingly complete: a great help in analyzing sudoku puzzles.

Suggestion: a "hint" method (or command line option) would be wonderful. It could perhaps alert the user to look in a particular row, column, or sub-grid for possible next moves. Or, it could warn the user that a bifurcation is now necessary, and thereby remove the nagging feeling that a simpler move had been overlooked.

Games-Sudoku (0.06) ****


I detest Sudoku.

Therefore I like the idea of running this module on my PDA to annoying those annoy Sudoku-playing Gaurniad readers.

The POD is ugly, though.