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GD (2.45) *****

Great interface to the popular libgd from Thomas Boutell to deal with graphics from Perl.

GD (2.44) *****

This is really useful. Great alternative to Image::Magick!!!! Please try it out. It's a little funny around the edges- docs could use more examples.
Very cool module.

GD (2.34) *****

Perl interface to the widely- and (off Win32, easily-) installed GD drawing library.

A relatively lightweight module, ideal for line drawing, graphs,
charts, and adding notes to images.

The perl-porter is extremely responsive to genuine issues, but rightly advises those who install to read the relevant documentation - specifically, you may need to adjust paths in the Makefile.PL

For more fancy Photoshop-like image manipulation, see the heavier ImageMagick/PerlMagick.

The latest version of the Perl GD and the underlying C libraries supports alpha channels! This means I can now render semi-transparent, overlapping objects without having to load the mighty and weighty Image Magick.

FreeType support is extensive, to the point where interfaces are present for features that do not appear to work in the underlying libraries - useful if the C libraries get updated before Be aware that the latest FreeType text rendering is less aesthetically pleasing than it once was.

GD (2.35) *****

Great module.
"Low" level interface to libgd that allows you to create png image files.
Gives you a lot of control on the result and has lots of not so low level primitives to suit your needs, such as:

* filling

* alpha blending (alpha channel in png and emulation at draw time)

* antialiasing

* rotation.

A great feature is TrueType support, just compile your libgd with this option enabled.

Speed is quite good.

Comes with GD::Simple, which sometimes is all you need.

GD (2.16) *****

Fast and good graphic library. But requirement of absolute path for ttf fonts is *annoying*. It also does not like paths that have spaces in it.

I think that a built-in support for hex colors (like #000000) will be a good thing. I don't like that 3-element rgb values.

Also; the return of GIF format is a good thing.