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Filter-Include (1.5) ***

When I saw this module, I asked "why did somebody write a module that uses Filter::Simple, Module::Locate and Scalar::Util, all to achive what you can do with core Perl using a require or do statement?"

Filter::Include includes the text of the file before it is compiled. The require or do statements parse the file (and do so at runtime). So in theory there's nothing wrong with that, provided you know the difference. The documentation does not explain it.

Instead it links to a thread on the web site, which if one reads, it seems that the thread was started by a novice who seems not to have understood what he was doing.

The documentation needs to explain the difference between what the module does, and using require or do (and using them in BEGIN blocks for compile-time inclusion).

In the end, I'm not really sure there's a need for this module so much as the illusion of a need by users who don't realize there's a better way. (Yes, yes, there's more than one way to do it, but not all ways are worth doing.)