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Email-Valid (0.185) *****

No matter how superb modules may be, they age in the course of time, and all the same some of them survive. This module certainly belongs to this type, and come to think of it, Perl wouldn't be my programming language of choice without the module. In such a sense, I wish to express my deep gratitude to the original author and the present maintainer.

Email-Valid (0.15) *****

Very easy to set up and use.

Email-Valid (0.15) *****

The de facto standard for validating that email addresses are RFC-822 compliant. That and the scariest regex I've ever seen.

Email-Valid (0.14) *****

Do not write your own email validation code. Use this instead. You will do it wrong. Really.

Email-Valid (0.14) *****

Email::Valid gets the job done. If you're interested in rejecting email addresses where the domain MX record resolves to (common way of saying "this domain does not want email), try this patch which may eventually get into the distribution:

If Email::Valid does not work for you, see also Email::CheckUser (which I have not tried or reviewed).

Email-Valid (0.14) *****

Email::Valid takes an email address as a string a returns a boolean whether it is valid or not.

This is the epitome of a good, small CPAN module. It solves a problem well that many programmers have solved poorly. It's easy to use and understand and it does one thing very well and that's it.