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Email-Sender (0.110001) ****

Email::Sender is a great module for sending emails: it aims to and it should become the standard for sending emails using Perl. There are way too many modules out there now, and not all of them work as they should.

Even though there is some useful documentation (Manual::QuickStart and the source code of course), it really needs comprehensive doc to be written.

Email-Sender (0.110001) *****

If you send mail from Perl, then this is the module you should be using. It's easy to get started with, flexible thanks to things like the "transport" attribute, and "it just works"!

Email-Sender (0.101760) ***

This is a good module, and I use it, but in less places than I'd like, since the Moose dependency makes it a bit too heavy.

Email-Sender (0.100110) *****

Email::Sender is the future. Stop looking at the proliferation of mail modules on CPAN and use this one!

I'm extremely happy to have replaced my half-baked email sending code with Email::Sender.

Really slick how it lets you pass plaintext or any object Email::Abstract can understand; it allowed me to wedge this into my existing code.

Despite the minimal documentation, it covered everything I needed.


Just works.

Has options when you need them.

Easy to integrate with legacy code due to use of Email::Abstract.


Email::Sender::Transport::SMTP::TLS is packaged separately.

Not in Debian 5.0 (but will be in 6!)

Not yet a core module (but it should be!)

Email-Sender (0.091870) *****

Used this a little bit and finding it very natural and useful. Thanks for the work on it.