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Email-MIME-Kit (2.102011) *****

Was turned onto this module by the helpful souls in #Catalyst on Having my web applications use this at the model layer is so much cleaner and easier to maintain than having controllers roll their own email by one ad-hoc method or another. Well done!

Email-MIME-Kit (2.102010) *****

This is a fantastic module. Thanks to it, I'm doing email in my apps correctly for the first time in 15 years of using Perl.

Email-MIME-Kit (2.102010) *****

This is a great module that allows me to cleanly abstract away various email formats and messages into its eponymous "Kits." Also love the extensibility granted by having extensible components, such as Assembler, so that I can easily provide parts to fill out my kits and have this assembly logic cleanly separated from the rest of the app.