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EBook-MOBI (0.7) ****

MOBI is not the easiest EBook format to use. It has a limit on the size of attached graphics, so that means you need to downsize any document images, and have the Imlib2 software installed to do this. I find ePub a much easier format to work with.

But if you need to create eBooks in this format, then this is a useful module. It works best at converting POD to MOBI format, but is flexible enough to let you add HTML elements individually such as headers and paragraph blocks. Boris is active in responding to bugs and feature requests.

EBook-MOBI (0.1) *

Very misleading name. You would expect this to read/write MOBI files. Instead, it only converts Pod to MOBI. So it should be named something like Pod::Mobi or Pod::To::Mobi, following existing examples of other Pod converters.
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