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Docs-US_DOD-STD2167A (0.06) ***

I, too, am very happy that someone bothered to churn through the Department of Defense software coding standards, repackage it as POD and released it to CPAN. This means if you ever have to write code for the DoD (don't laugh, they're a HUGE employeer of programmers) you have their horrible, horrible standards.
It also means someone is actively pushing Perl in the DoD.

Contrary to the sentiments of other reviewers, I have no problem with documentation-only on CPAN. And the horrid layout and prose isn't the fault of the author but of the DoD standard he must follow.

However, much of the documentation is unfinished stubs. Also, it *really* needs a clear and unambiguous README and some sort of overview. Documenting DoD standards using DoD standards is sort of like writing a "Learn Spanish" book in Spanish with no pictures.

A good start though. Keep at it!

Docs-US_DOD-STD2167A (0.06) *****

I just love the fact that someone bothered to create this :-)

Docs-US_DOD-STD2167A (0.05) *

This is a doc-only package, which repackages some DOD-standards. The reason why this is on CPAN still escapes me, and the author did not put in the work to make the documentation complete, as there are stub documents in the distribution on which he does not expect to work "in the near or far future".

The rating on "documentation" and "ease of use" is 1, as there is no "human readable" documentation or README in the distribution that tells me in two short sentences why I might be interested in this package. And a package that consists only of documentation should tell me why I would want to read it.

There is no rating on "interface", as there is no code.

Overall, I give it a 1, as I don't understand why this is released on CPAN at all.