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Digest-MD5 (2.51) *****

Easy to use (I use the function interface). I found the docs very helpful when I run into problems with unicode strings. Great module.

Digest-MD5 (2.39) *****

I've used Digest::MD5 *For* *Ever* and have never been disappointed. It works perfectly on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Thank you!

Digest-MD5 (2.38) *****

Does what it says on the tin and does it well.

Digest-MD5 (2.33) *****

Computes MD5 hashes on any input, and outputs as binary, hex or base64.

Simple, fast, correct. This is an ideal library.

Digest-MD5 (2.30) *****

The make file "perl Makefile.PL" generated doesn't work, it give me this error when I try to make:

Makefile: 84: *** missing separator. Stop.

what's going on? any thing I did wrong?


Digest-MD5 (2.27) *****

Only a 4 on Documentation and Interface because the OOP stuff is a bit hard to use IMO ... but I usually use the functions anyway.