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Devel-ptkdb (1.1091) *****

This debugger really saves my life!! I use this debugger from nearly everywhere: Unix, Windows, inside CGI scripts, inside server (Windows service) script calls etc.

On Unix you can redirect the DISPLAY environment in the BEGIN function and you are happy to debug Unix CGI scripts. It's always the same.

Great work!!

Devel-ptkdb (1.1091) *****

It's far, far better than perl's default (and clumsy) command-line debugger. perl -d is okay for trying things out, and experimenting with the language, but for debugging actual programs, you need ptkdb.

Also, this is the only debugger I know of that enables full-screen on-demand debugging of CGI programs. If you have an X server, and your webserver is apache/*nix, you can set it to pop up on your display when you visit a CGI program in your browser. OUTSTANDING.

Once you go ptkdb, you won't go back.

Devel-ptkdb (1.1091) *****

The best Perl debugger ever written.

It can step thru any Perl code, including Perl/Tk, line by line.

Anyone working on Perl code without this debugger is missing a key tool.

Thanks, Andrew, for a superb debugger.

Devel-ptkdb (1.1087) ****

Good visual debugger for perl. Very useful sometimes and much more convenient that perl -d.

Only annoyance I found was not exiting when the window is closed...

a must have

Devel-ptkdb (1.1087) *****

A graphical debugger for Perl?! REAL programmer don't need that!
Well - I do!
The graphical interface is intuitive and easy to use. Makes it easy to debug - without having to remember dozens of flags.
Hope to see an editor included...