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Devel-Size (0.74) *****

This has been a great module for a long time. There were a few longstanding issues, but I am very happy to see that they have recently been fixed and new development is continuing. Awesome!

Devel-Size (0.72) *****

It does what it claims, and is well-documented, but the size() function is of limited use; most of the time you want total_size(). Also, it occasionally crashes calculating the size of magic variables.

Devel-Size (0.58) ****

This is a very useful module for obtaining memory usage information of objects. It's quite surprising to see just how much memory some things really use!

An obvious downside is that it doesn't work for every type of object.

It would be nice to obtain additional information about memory usage in Perl (such as total used memory of a module, or available memory, etc).