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Devel-PerlySense (0.0218) ****

What a pleasant surprise! I had never heard of PerlySense before. For installation from CPAN on Debian Stretch I had to suppress tests, but after that everything seems to work just fine. The class overview is just wonderful... makes navigating big projects a lot faster.
Lots of keystrokes to remember... integration into the Emacs menu would be great for beginners like me.

Devel-PerlySense (0.0183) *****

PerlySense collects together a suite of tools to make working with Perl easy and powerful. Two major Perl tools that will keep your code looking great, Perl::Tidy and Perl::Critic, are seamlessly integrated to show you code issues while you type (or when you save - depends on your preference settings. Quick navigation tools allow you to jump from where subroutines and modules are called, to where they are defined. There's also a regex creation tool, and a whole lot more that I have yet to explore.

Devel-PerlySense (0.0159)

Just a note: The need to manually install elisp files is long gone.

It's all dealt with by installing the Perl module, and there are setup/config instructions in the manual.

Devel-PerlySense (0.01_16) ****

PerlySense is very cool. If you're an emacs user you'll need to manually move the perly-sense.el file it provides into the appropriate location, but that's a minor nit in a development release. The underlying idea is excellent, and the seemless interaction with my editor of choice makes the whole package very fun to play with.