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DateTime-Format-Flexible (0.25) ****

While it doesn't cover as much phrases as DateTime::Format::Natural, at least it's simpler to translate (and the dist already includes a couple of translations). BTW, I think like in the POD of DateTime::Format::Natural, it needs to list which phrases it supports. And probably add more :-)

DateTime-Format-Flexible (0.25) ****

A previous review mentions this module missing a parse_datetime method, but the current version has the method.

In fact, this module now implements the DateTime::Format API better than DateTime::Format::Natural! (in the sense that parse_datetime croaks like you would expect, instead of returning a bogus datetime object)

I'm docking one star for speed, though. DateTime::Format::Natural is about 5x faster (which doesn't matter for me, but could for someone with a lot of dates to parse)

DateTime-Format-Flexible (0.02) **

The official datetime site: includes this module among the confusing modules that live in the DateTime:: namespace
and says:

DateTime::Format::Flexible - largely a subset of

DateTime::Format::Natural, and not recommended. Use

DateTime::Format::Natural instead (and submit patches

to improve its parsing if needed ;)

One of the greatest sins of these module IMHO is to not comply to the API convention of DateTime parsers which at least should implement the "parse_datetime" method. (The author makes this functionality available through a "build" class method, according to the synopsis.) Most of DateTime::Format:: modules implement this, which is good for interoperation with code which expects any well-behaved DateTime::Format. Of course, this is a small sin which can be easily remedied by the author.