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DataExtract-FixedWidth (0.09) *

I could bloody well careless about DataExtract-FixedWidth, I just had to post a review of Nadim's review, which was priceless.

DataExtract-FixedWidth (0.02) *

Rating your own module with 5 stars will make you look like a total jackass or someone with self-distance and balls. You can find out which one you've been categorized in by checking how much your review is helpful to other. Use 'undef' in the 'overall' entry or, better, don't review it all.

It would have been unfair to not review your module (and its first review). I could have used 'undef' but I'm a mean bastard.

Had you had an ounce of humor and knew sentences start with an uppercase would have made your review more bearable. The review itself is style-less, dull and unhelpful.

"Oh my God!" is an interjection. Used properly it will make your audience curious. God is spelled with an uppercase 'G' whether you believe or not. The exclamation point '!' is what makes the interjection an interjection.

It's nice to know that you could use your own module in at least three, yes people three, places. I'll admit that I have written modules that I haven't used at all (yet, I like to plan long in advance).

Trying to make the best of your review, I, at least, wanted to learn what a 'shanker' is. The only explanation I found was "The primary skin lesion of syphilis".

The module is a heavy weight champion of 97 KB sporting Moose internals and a rather complete looking package with bells and whistles. This let's us discover that version 0.01 was tagged:

"First version, released on an unsuspecting world."

This module requires Perl 5.10, which is not a bad thing at all, so it won't install on many systems yet. I've just discovered another use for Perl 5.10.

I'm not running 5.10 on this box (it's a lie) so I can only present a shallow review of this module:

"The one stop shop for parsing static column width text tables!"

All the test are "best possible" data (tests presence is why you get at least one star). There are no test input that would break the module (which makes it easier to say you pass) but why would there be better tests for a module you can write with 2 lines of Perl?

We can also discover that this module is under version control using "git". Excellent! But you get nothing for that.

It's a pity I can't vote for my own review or I would have marked it as "Best review on cpanrating and as useful as butter on a shanker".

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