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Data-Validate-Japanese (0.01001) ***

This module is weird. First of all the documentation is copy-pasted but not even completely finished. Notice the way that each method is said to do exactly the same thing. Hopefully it's obvious what the methods actually do, but still.

Second of all, there are some really obvious bugs in the implementation that it will tell you things like Unicode 0xFF5E (wide tilde character, ~) is a halfwidth katakana - the error in coding is just too obvious.

Third, why does it even need an object system? I can't see the point of the object, which doesn't carry any data, so the module might just as well export the functions in a procedural way.

Fourth, the implementation ignores the zenkaku and hankaku characters and symbols and other things which are needed to completely cover Japanese-language data.

As it stands, this module is more useful as a reference piece of code (actually I keep coming back to it) than as a module in itself.

Three stars: ★★★☆☆

Ben Bullock - 2008-07-23T00:09:15 (permalink)

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