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Data-Search (0.03) *****

great module! have been looking for something like this for sometime now! so glad I found it.. this will really make my work and day to day life a lot easier.. also works like a charm! great job! :)

Data-Search (0.03) **

This is an interesting idea, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired.

There are no tests aside from compilation. So how does anyone know it even works?

The searching algorithm does not appear to be very efficient: when searching arrays it uses a foreach statement instead of grep or an efficient search algorithm!

It doesn't make use of other CPAN modules which might aid in walking data structures or efficient searching. I'm concerned about the use of recursion in walking data structures: for really big data structures this is a memory hog that can bring down a machine.

It doesn't handle coderefs!

It only allows one to search using Regexps. There's no option to use special code appropriate to objects inside the data structure or anything else that is not stringified.

The documentation isn't as clear: can it return the accessor keys, so that if I pass it some mess of hashes and arrays in $data that it will return something likie $data->{key1}->[5]->{key2}->{key3}?

What sort of applications is it used for? Perhaps the need to search is due to building an inefficient data structure to begin with? Or maybe one needs to do the searching as one is building the data structure?

Data-Search (0.03) ****