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Data-Phrasebook (0.26) ****

I now use this module frequently, together with the XML file to provide access to a nicely organised collection of SQL queries.

Very useful indeed, allowing me to seperate snippets or large tracts of SQL, XML, etc from my code.

Particularly useful when combined with Class::DBI or DBIx::Class to provide custom queries.

Data-Phrasebook (0.26) *****

This module allowed me to take a bunch of SQL statements littering my code and put them in a separate file. This is great for several reasons a) now I don't have to look at a mix of Perl and SQL; b) all the queries are in a single place, so I can just send them to DBAs for review; c) I just love saying "oh yeah, this piece of code uses the 'phrasebook' pattern" :)

As for the module itself: the documentation is clear, the implementation is bug free (so far), and the examples are relevant.

Thumbs up!