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Dancer-Plugin-Auth-Basic (0.030) *

I first looked at this module as it had the right name and thus I thought it was the right way to add authentication to a Dancer app but this package is not very good and in my opinion is not the right way to add authentication.

So, after some research, I ended up using the Plack family heritage of Dancer and I'm much happier with the result.


use Plack::Builder;
use My::Dancer::Package;

my $app = My::Dancer::Package->dance;
my $authenticator = \&authen_cb;

builder {

#requires Plack::Middleware::Auth::Basic

enable 'Auth::Basic', authenticator => $authenticator;

mount '/ws' => $app;

Dancer-Plugin-Auth-Basic (0.011) **

I appreciate that basic auth sends passwords in clear(ish) text to the server, but this module insists that you store the passwords in cleartext in your config too!

Maybe md5_users, bcrypt_users or something in the config?