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DNS-EasyDNS (0.03) *****

Thank goodness for this piece of software! I joined easyDNS to be presented with their ez-ipupdate software for linux users. Unfortunately this only picks up the IP address of the local machine, not the gateway making it ineffective. EasyDNS works no problems, updates the correct IP and does it over SSL, Awesome.

DNS-EasyDNS (0.03) ****

Installation went perfectly. I would love to see better documentation, however, as now I am here with a fully installed updater and (being a rookie) no idea what to do with it. It runs out of cron, okay, no problem. Which script? I guess I don't know enough about this to understand the differences between the three examples ie. when or why to use each. Is there an official FAQ somewhere? A website or fourm (ha!)?

UPDATE: My apologies. I read/viewed the scripts and all is well. My bad.

DNS-EasyDNS (0.02) *****

Quick & easy. Can use to build your own IP-watcher/updater. If you install Crypt::SSLeay and change the URL constant from http to https then you can do your updates securely!