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DBIx-Log4perl (0.24) *****

Great tool for analyzing the interaction between application code and databases. It has helped me many times to find "culprits" both in database questions and the result returned, and the ability to "replace" the standard dbi handle makes it really easy to use in existing applications.

DBIx-Log4perl (0.21) *****

Very handy module. If you have based your development on Log::Log4perl,
one additional line in the l4p configuration file is enough to see what is happening during all DB interactions.

Using it with Perl 5.8.9, DBI 1.609, DBD::Oracle 1.24 on both Solaris and Linux.

Module author reacted quickly when I discovered a bug.

DBIx-Log4perl (0.12) *****

Automatic logging for DBI - brilliant! It just works.
Lots of options available for filtering the logging too.

DBIx-Log4perl (0.10) *****

I don't see how you can give it a lower score just because the author is targeting 5.8 and above (which I believe is the right thing to do anyway).

DBIx-Log4perl (0.07) ***

Only available for Perl >= 5.8.0, sadly, otherwise this would be 5/5. It simply logs some/all your SQL using Log4perl -- what a great idea, makes performance tuning much easier.