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DBIx-DataModel (2.29) *****

Well documented and very esay to use ORM, with a great support

DBIx-DataModel (2.28) *****

I have begun using DBIx::DataModel in my data access layer and I am very happy with it.

The biggest advantage is that results are returned as simple lists of hashes making it easy to debug and work with results.

The API is very straightforward and clear. The fact that column names are not remapped to attributes makes things simple and easy.

The documentation is clear and comprehensive. A larger cookbook would be helpful.

DBIx-DataModel (0.35) ****

Very nice, though this approach would perhaps be a bit intimidating for someone who doesn't have a good understanding of relational databases. But for someone who is, it's perfect as a compromise between ease and power (at least if you don't need to do any schema manipulation).

Only two things are keeping me from giving this 5 stars: (1) there is no support for autodiscovery of table relationships; (2) the module is a bit cumbersome to subclass and extend. Also, though the documentation is generally good and extensive, it could be organised better.