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DBD-mysqlPP (0.04) **

The placeholders bug (see this distribution's RT bugs) renders this module useless for serious applications. The patch to fix this is trivial, so it's a shame that the author doesn't seem to be interested in updating the module.

I also had no luck getting mysqlPP to work with my MovableType installation (in fact, some table values were overwritten with NULLs when I tried). To be fair, I don't know if it's a problem with the module or MovableType wanting to do lots of DBD-specific things.

Anyway, keep your eyes open when attempting to use this module as a drop-in replacement for DBD::mysql on your webserver..

DBD-mysqlPP (0.04) ****

DBD-mysqlPP saved my *ss at a host where mod_perl dumped code when using DBD::mysql, so thumbs up! Nice work! I love everything that is pure perl anyway ;-)

However, I do not give this module a 5 because of one problem (because of which I *had**to* patch my version of mysqlPP.pm) : you cannot specify unix_socket when creating a connection. I really don't know why it was left out... it's nice that this "feature" is documented, but that is not an excuse :-))

DBD-mysqlPP (0.04) *****

I have only used this module a few times, mostly when DBD::mysql wasn't easily available, and it worked great for me every time. But I am giving it 5 stars for another reason.

Whenever I needed to know something about how the internals of DBDs work, I refer to the source code for this module. Even though the code has no comments what so ever, it is still some of the easiest to read perl code I have ever encountered. If you ever want to write your own DBD, I highly recommend reading and reviewing the source of this module as a starting point.

DBD-mysqlPP (0.04)

It saved my life, too, when DBD::mysql inexplicably barfed on me.
(google for "server version = 0 client version = 10" for the bug --
if anyone knows how to solve that, please mail me. :-))

DBD-mysqlPP (0.04) ****

This module has been a lifesaver for me. It works as advertised. I'm particularly pleased that the documentation notes the differences between the this version, and the non-pure-perl version of DBD-mysql.

The docs need a little enhancement, but the code works wonderfully for me.