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DBD-mysql-SimpleMySQL (0.5) *

Like its previous incarnation it has no tests. It is not a Database Drive so should not be in the DBD namespace.

DBD-mysql-SimpleMySQL (0.5) *

If you are looking for a simple database abstraction layer that allows you to avoid SQL ugliness, I recommend Class::DBI instead of this module.

DBD-mysql-SimpleMySQL (0.5) *

An SQL abstraction layer that’s uglier than writing SQL.

I’m not sure we need another one of those anyway, but working on the assumption that someone does want this, I find fault with its execution in the following ways.

As far as the documentation allows a call, the API seems limited. I’m not sure it gives you full access to the power of SQL. Unfortunately, that cost does not come in exchange for clarity and simplicity: the interface is less than intuitive.

The documentation is rather unhelpful. It consists of two examples and a monosyllabic description of each function in the module. The examples are neither self-explanatory nor commented – I can only guess what the code shown is supposed to do. An overview of the mechanics of the module or some description of the model of operation assumed is missing entirely.

The choice of namespace is the single worst aspect of the module: it’s a database access wrapper rather than a database driver, so it belongs in DBIx:: instead of DBD::. I can’t see anything that makes it particularly MySQL-specific, either, it looks fairly database agnostic.

By the time time you figure out this module, you’ll probably be well equipped to write something equivalent more suited to your own habits yourself. In its current form, it’s not likely to be useful to anyone other than its author.