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DBD-Sybase (1.15) *****

Great module if you OS/Environment does not meet the vendor provider SybaseASE.pm/so requirements.

Documentation was great and the installation was straightforward. Thanks!

DBD-Sybase (1.07) *****

Great module , very very responsive author

DBD-Sybase (1.01) *****

In four years of using this module, I have never found an error. It does what any DBI driver should do: it implements the spec flawlessly and gets out of your way.

DBD-Sybase (1.01) *****

It works. When it doesn't, the mainainer is very cooperative and responsive.

DBD-Sybase (1.00) ****

I originally had to do some work that involved manipulating user information.
This was my first experience programming involving a database that I had done.
Using the DBI interface is a great idea.
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