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DBD-PgPP (0.08) *****

Bravo! I am very grateful to you for your creativity as this module is a definite great addition to CPAN, especially for us Postgres techies.

DBD-PgPP (0.06)

The bugs mentioned by the previous reviewers have been fixed in releases 0.05 and 0.06 respectively, I believe.

Disclaimer: I am the current maintainer of DBD::PgPP.

DBD-PgPP (0.05) *

SELECT * WHERE parameter = ?

won't find anything if the string bound to the '?' placeholder ends in a '?' sign. Unacceptable. Use pgfoundry.org/projects/dbdpgppm/

Hoping that helps you not waste a few hours debugging,
Vlad Dan Dascalescu

DBD-PgPP (0.04) **

SELECT fails on more then 8 fields