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Crypt-Eksblowfish (0.009) *****

I'm glad that this module exists, since it is the base for Digest::Bcrypt which I use.

I am no expert in cryptology but I also need to rely on such technology. It would be good if there is an (easy understandable) hint in the documentation how I could compare my results with other implementations.

Now I hash my password with Digest::Bcrypt (which is just a wrapper for this module) and later in real live I check if the hashes match with exactly the same implementation. No wonder the hashes match... What would give me some sort of guarantee that the hashes are save is a possibility to check if they are equal to results of other existing tools, e.g. if there is a common linux-cmd-tool to do the same stuff... it would then be easy to compare results and validate them. But I don't know which tool would be appropriate. The common "bcrypt" seems not to be for pw-hashing. So a hint in the docs about this issue would help me, and I think others too.