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Crypt-DSA (0.13) ****

For future users of this good module here is some supplemental info for the interface:

to save the public key:

$key->priv_key( undef );

$key->write( Type=>'PEM', Filename=>Key_pub_file, );

to convert signature into ASCII form:

my $sign_encd = MIME::Base64::encode_base64( $sign->serialize );

to re-create signature:

my $sign = Crypt::DSA::Signature->new( Content=>$sign_encd );

notice - you don't need to 'MIME::Base64::decode_base64' the Content. The 'Crypt::DSA::Signature->new' anticipates the Content to be 'encode_base64'ed. It probably will work on not encoded Content but I did not test this.

The author uses Math::BigInt throughout the module although he says 'The implementation itself is pure Perl, although the heavy-duty mathematics underneath are provided by the Math::Pari library'.