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Coro (6.08) ****

All modules that uses Coro will segfault if You try to use them. After talking to author of Coro You will learn that it is a feature - not a bug.

a code that is written by not stupid human usually says that there is not enough memory (a example). Coro, EV, etc prefer to crash (segfault) instead usually behavior: You can waste a lot of time to understand that the library requires to do something against to read normal error report.

So I join one previous review: "Author is not very nice"
but don't join that: "the module is great".

code that segfaults if You try to step to the left or the right from example can't be great.

Coro (6.08) *****

Great module. You could do so much with Coro / AnyEvent. Work of a genius in my opinion.

Coro (6.02) ****

Author is not very nice, but the module is great.

Coro (5.17) *****

Wow, I can't believe no-one had reviewed this module.

In short, this is what Perl Threads should work like. After the fragile-but-fast Perl 5.5 threading thesis, and the slow-but-reliable Perl 5.6 ithreading antithesis, this is the perfect synthesis that gives you a fast and reliable threading model. Highly recommended.
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