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Coro (6.49) *

Instead of working with P5P to make Coro work with the latest version of Perl, the author decided to fork perl instead, and he has no plans to support future versions either. So users now have to pin themselves to older versions of perl or use his own "stable perl" fork. Read his inadequate rationale here:

Coro (6.08) ****

All modules that uses Coro will segfault if You try to use them. After talking to author of Coro You will learn that it is a feature - not a bug.

a code that is written by not stupid human usually says that there is not enough memory (a example). Coro, EV, etc prefer to crash (segfault) instead usually behavior: You can waste a lot of time to understand that the library requires to do something against to read normal error report.

So I join one previous review: "Author is not very nice"
but don't join that: "the module is great".

code that segfaults if You try to step to the left or the right from example can't be great.

Coro (6.08) *****

Great module. You could do so much with Coro / AnyEvent. Work of a genius in my opinion.

Coro (6.02) ****

Author is not very nice, but the module is great.

Coro (5.17) *****

Wow, I can't believe no-one had reviewed this module.

In short, this is what Perl Threads should work like. After the fragile-but-fast Perl 5.5 threading thesis, and the slow-but-reliable Perl 5.6 ithreading antithesis, this is the perfect synthesis that gives you a fast and reliable threading model. Highly recommended.
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