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Config-ApacheFormat (1.2) ****

I've always admired the style of Apache config files. I find that this style of configuration syntax is easily read by a human, provides enough expressive power for most configuration needs, and isn't as fussy as, say, XML. This module makes it easy to use this style of configuration for your own applications with out much muss, fuss, or bother. I plan on using this for all my future apps.

Config-ApacheFormat (1.2) ***

This module works and is able to parse Apache like config files, but it is too simplistic and lacks some essential functionality like for example, being able to detect and accurately report errors on the configuration file.

Hooks for parsing customization are not available either, and customization of the parser is done in a limited fashion via some predefined attributes that only cover a limited set of cases.

I really would prefer an API reassembling internal Apache config processing (though more perlish) which would allow me fine grained control over the parsing.