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Class-MakeMethods (1.01)

Hi, a quick response from the author of Class::MakeMethods to the earlier comment on this distribution: The organization and clarity of the documentation is a known problem with which I continue to struggle. Class::MakeMethods provides a big matrix of method types that differ in various minor ways, and it's hard for me to see how to best present those choices to the new user. (The top item in the ToDo file is "Make sure that the documentation is broken up into appropriately-sized chunks, and that people will know which section to look at.")

While it's nice to hear that others are "willing to help if necessary" I'm not sure how to interpret "necessary." I've already spent some "serious time" trying to improve the documentation, with mixed results. The few documentation patches that I've received have all been incorporated. If anyone else is willing to help improve the documentation, their help would be warmly appreciated. (The ReadMe specifically states that "I would be particularly interested in any suggestions towards improving the documentation...") Patches, new documents, suggestions, or specific complaints through any of the typical feedback channels would all be welcome. Thanks!

Class-MakeMethods (1.009) ****

Class::MakeMethods is an extremely useful module that is probably too often overlooked by traditional Perl hackers who typically prefer to roll-their-own. It has saved me hours of coding the same old cut-and-paste pieces in each class I write.

However, when reading the documentation it is very difficult to see the power of the module, since is spread out over a number of pages, difficult to understand, and poorly written in some places. I am certain that this will make many potential users just pass it over for something easier to understand. It definitely gives the perception that the module is much more difficult to use than it really is. I hope that the author will invest some serious time in improving the organization and readability of the documentation. I am willing to help if necessary, and I am sure many others are too.